Better Bible Study Tip #28: Talk About the Bible With Close Friends

I have a circle of close friends who love to talk about the Bible with each other. It’s an incredible blessing. If you have friends like that, you know what I mean. Not only do we hold each other accountable, but we challenge each other. We ask each other questions. Sometimes we disagree with each other and have fun little debates among ourselves (and they really are fun, unlike many of the heated social media debates we see). We push each other for deeper clarity. Ultimately, we are always learning from each other’s studies. Not only does this lead to better Bible study, but it also helps us to develop and maintain a much deeper level of friendship with one another.

Unfortunately, I suspect that many Christians don’t have these kind of conversations with friends. For many, the Bible is just not a regular topic of conversation with their friends. For some, Bible conversations can feel forced or awkward. I don’t think they know what they are missing out on.

If you don’t talk about the Bible regularly with Christian friends, try it. Share with a friend what you’ve learned lately. Ask them what they’ve been studying. There’s always a chance the conversation just won’t take off the way you hope, and that’s okay. But keep trying. Maybe set up Bible study group. Maybe look to develop relationships with other friends who do share your interest in talking about the Bible. If you can find friends who will talk about the Bible with you, it will bless the quality of your Bible study, and it will bless your life.