Holy Spirit Study

Part 1:What Is a “Spirit”?

Part 2: The Holy Spirit in Creation

Part 3: When God’s Spirit Fills People

Part 4: The Holy Spirit Gave Us the Old Testament

Part 5: Prophesies Concerning the Spirit

Part 6: The Holy Spirit in the Life of Jesus

Part 7: The Holy Spirit in John

Part 8: The Holy Spirit Raised Jesus From the Dead

Part 9: Baptism with the Holy Spirit

Part 10: The Fulfillment of the Promise of the Spirit

Part 11: Speaking in Tongues as a Sign of the Spirit

Part 12: All Christians are Baptized in the Spirit

Part 13: The Role of the Holy Spirit in Baptism

Part 14: The Holy Spirit and the Heart

Part 15: Life in the Spirit

Part 16: The Fruit of the Spirit

Part 17: The Spirit Links Christians to the Cross

Part 18: The Mind of Christ

Part 19: The Spirit and Miraculous Gifts