Better Bible Study Tip #27: The Key is Perseverance, Not Intellect

I know there are rare instances of people who are simply born with brilliant minds, but on average, most of us are well… average. But that’s okay. There’s lots of “average” people who can become experts in their particular field of study. Most brain surgeons aren’t born as child prodigies. They become experts by putting in long hours of hard work. It doesn’t happen over night either. It usually takes years of study and practice for someone to be considered an expert. Perseverance is the key.

It’s the same way with Bible study. Proficiency in the Bible is about perseverance, not intellect. Those Christians who know their Bibles really well grew to their level of knowledge through continual repetition. Studying the Bible isn’t difficult. It’s as easy as reading, taking notes, asking questions, and thinking critically about what you discover. It just takes time and perseverance.

Age is no obstacle either. A 17 year old who studies his Bible continually throughout a year can gain a year’s worth of knowledge just the same as if a 42 year old did the same thing. An 80 year old who has never seriously studied their Bible can study every day for a year, and gain a years worth of knowledge just the same as if a college student did the same thing.

The key is actually doing it. So even if you’ve gone years without ever getting into Scripture in a way that moves beyond occasionally reading your Bible, it’s never too late to start. Next year at this time you will be a year older. Whether or not you gain an additional year’s worth of Bible knowledge depends on what you do between now and then. So don’t put off getting into Scripture.