Better Bible Study Tip#63: Download and Use Bible Study Software

Back in the 1900’s, Bible students used to have to invest in several reference works, such as a concordance, a Bible dictionary, a lexicon, and a Bible atlas. But unless you still use a landline phone and don’t use the internet, I suggest you download some Bible study software.

Bible study software makes it quick and easy to look up all kinds of helpful information. Instead of looking up words in a lexicon, you can simply click on a word to see it’s Hebrew or Greek definition. Instead of using a concordance, you can do a quick search for a word or a phrase to see where else it appears. You can quickly analyze the text of a book or a chapter to see how frequently different words appear. You can easily compare translations, add study notes, and download commentaries. Bible study software companies usually have huge libraries of resources available, many of which are many are free.

Bible study software is all about making Bible research quicker and easier so that you can accomplish more in less time. E-sword, Logos, and Accordance are some of the more popular Bible study programs. For Better Bible study, download and use Bible study software.