Better Bible Study Tip #25: If You Only Have Five Minutes, Use It.

I’ll be honest. I just don’t have a much time to study by Bible as I wish I did. I’m a busy guy. I work full time. I stay involved in the church. There’s always chores that need doing. I have a family, and they deserve my time and attention as well. I understand what it means to be pressed for time.

But that’s not the only reason I don’t have enough time to study. I also waste too much time. It’s easy to spend too much time on Facebook. Plus, I like to relax every now and then. I like to watch tv shows and movies to unwind at the end of a long day. If I really wanted to find more time to study my Bible, I’m sure I could find it. But sometimes, I would just prefer to chill out on the couch and turn my brain off.

I know I’m not alone in the continual struggle of time management. With this in mind, here’s one tip for better Bible study that doesn’t take much time. If you only have five minutes, use it.

If you get ready for work in the morning and have five extra minutes before it’s time to leave, open your Bible. If you are sitting in a waiting room at the doctor’s office, open up your kindle app and read a few paragraphs of that book you are working on. If you are sitting in a Domino’s parking lot waiting to pick up supper, read something. Carry a book in your car, just in case you find five minutes. Next time you have enough time to just browse Facebook, make the conscious decision to open your Bible app instead.

First of all, you won’t feel that guilty, depressed feeling that you get when you know you’ve wasted too much time on social media (you know what I’m talking about). Secondly, you will be surprised to see how much you can learn in five minutes. Nobody becomes a Bible expert over night. Our knowledge of the Bible grows as the cumulative result of thousands of incremental sessions. Thirdly, when we study for five minutes, sometimes we study just enough to make us hungry to come back for more. Maybe we read one or two interesting paragraphs, but don’t have enough time to finish the whole section. Five minutes is enough time to motivate us to study again at the first opportunity. Finally, five minutes of study can be enough time to plant some new thought or question into our minds that we can continue to meditate on as we go about our other activities.

Of course we should still be intentional about setting aside larger blocks of time for Bible study. But since we all have such busy lives, when we have five minutes, we should use it.