I Will Not Weep for Babylon (A Poem)

The angel proclaimed the gospel,
To each nation, language, and tribe:
“Your kings and merchants will regret
The day they took her bribe.”

“Come out of her, my people!
Don’t yoke unequally!
Her friendship looks so promising,
But it won’t end peacefully.”

“Her sins, you see, they pile high,
A tower built to heaven.
When God comes down, she’ll lose her crown,
In confusion, death, and famine.”

“Gold, silver, and human lives,
The fruit which she desired,
It looks delightful to the eyes,
Until payment is required.”

Abortion, sex, war and greed,
Taxation and aggressions,
I will not weep for Babylon,
When she pays for her transgressions.

My tears will be for those who mixed,
God’s will with her oppressions,
Who really thought, good could be sought,
By means of earthly nations.

Praise God, all you who fear Him!
His exiles great and small!
Our hope’s in New Jerusalem,
When Babylon shall fall!